Friday, October 19, 2007

About Not So Recent Manila

My affinity for the past has led me to websites and blogs that feature old places, dead conventions and revived fads. They never fail to capture my sentimental side.

Among the blogs that give me this kind of feeling is Nostalgia Manila. With a tagline of "for those who remember the way we were," it is a melting point of memories of the 60s to 80s with some from the decades before those that I mentioned. It is a very interesting site, with features on fads, music, movies, TVCs, TV series (which you can actually watch from the blog!) and basically everything else that, you know, is part of the good old days.

While it is true that the past depicted by Nostalgia Manila is interesting, somehow I feel that it wasn't something which I can fully connect with. For one to fully appreciate recent histories, they have to be re-lived. I don't blame NostalgiaManila for catering to an older audience but I blame myself and the other kids of my age for not coming up with something that has the same intention as NM but is targeted to a younger age group.

And so, to get rid of the blame, I am executing an attempt to bring the past to those who remember the way we were in the 90s and 2000s. NOT SO RECENT MANILA will be the melting pot of fads, events, places, dance steps and personalities that shaped our not so ancient past and not so recent present.



Nostalgia Manila said...

Hey good luck with this blog! I'm looking forward to check out your entries.

I remember the 90's quite well, and there have been a few startup blogs that attempted to cover the 90's but folded after a few months. I sure hope you can keep yours going cos theres a lot more material out there for you to find. It's much harder to find things that relate to Filipino Pop Culture that dates back to the 60's.

I'm sure you'll do fine so keep up the good work and never give up!

I'm glad that in a way Nostalgia Manila has inspired you to do this. Maybe you can add the NM Chicklet to your blog, and I'll be happy to include you to the NM Friends Link List as soon as I see more entries here.

Thanks again! The fun never stops at Nostalgia Manila! ;)

Lady in Red said...
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Lady in Red said...

Thanks NM!

Yes, it truly is hard to find older pictures. That's why I enjoy visiting Nostalgia Manila coz you seem to have access to all sorts of photos and videos.

I have a line up of things to post already. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really hope to make this blog successful.

Yup, will add the NM Chicklet. I actually have it in my other blog: Life in High Heels and Miniskirts.