Monday, December 31, 2007

Pop Swatch

Among the trends of the 90s that shouldn't be missed is the POP SWATCH. The product was relased in the 80s but it onlt made its way here in the 90s. Thanks to Gift Gate. I remember the first endorser was Mikee Cojuangco.

What everyone liked about Pop Swatch are the look--you can call it a mini wallclock =p and the straps which can be changed to match or accentuate your outfit.

Here are some photos of some swatches:

1991 Christmas Pop Swatch Bottone.

Click here to buy the item.

Passport '93

Click here to view Rick's Swatch Collection.

Goodbye Carlo!

This is the classic Purefoods Tenderjuicy Hotdog commercial. Carlo is supposed to be Patrick Garcia but as you will notice, he cannot be seen anywhere in this clip.

* The girl, Chantal Umali, later on starred as Happy in TGIS the second batch.

Memory Checklist # 1

1. Pa-bida ka every start of the school year. Your pencil case has several pop-out compartments. It's a plus if there's a built-in thermometer and magnifying lens. Then you fill your pencil case with Kisses, the scented balls.

2. You remember munching Jack n' Jill Bacon Strips on snack time. (Don't you just miss this?!?)

3. You check if Gobstoppers really change their color and flavor.

4. You checked if M&M's slogan: "melts in your mouth, not in your hands" is true.

5. You bought every flavor of Fanta softdrink. An 8 oz. bottle of Fanta costs around 4-5 pesos.

6. It wasn't Coke Light nor Pepsi Max then. They were just labeled as Diet--Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi.

7. You danced Depeche Mode's "I Just Can't Get Enough" in a school presentation. (Think about field demos and other classroom presentations.) Later on, it was used in an Ovaltinees ad. Oh-oh-Ovaltinees.

8. You've seen Mariah Carey's transformation--from a plain Maria to a divalicious Mariah.

9. You memorized the lyrics of the Nano Candy jingle.

If you can relate to at least 5 of the items here, then you know that you are
a certified Not-So Recent Kid.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Not-So Recent Snapshots: Miss Universe 1994

One of my fondest memories of the 90s is that of the Philippines being the host country of the Miss Universe back in <strike>'93</strike>'94 (Thanks for the correction, Jemyr). Among the long-legged beauties in the picture is Miss Mauritius-Viveka Babajee + (who was also involved in the Film Fest Scandal) and our own darling, Charlene Gonzales.

It was also because of this pageant that the Manolo and Michelle pair came to exist: Ogie Alcasid met Miss Australia-Michelle Van Eimeren who later on became her wife. Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico met Aga Muhlach who soon became her boyfriend. Sad to say, both couples are no longer together. Michelle went back to Australia as Ogie went for Regine Velasquez and Dayanara went back to Puerto Rico and married international artist Marc Anthony. Well, yes, they too separated.
And here's a twist of fate: Charlene Gonzales married Aga. They didn't expect it, for sure.

Photos taken from
Read more about your favorite beauty queens on that website.

"Take It, Take It": Remembering the Film Fest Scandal

It's Metro Manila Film Fest season once again. While the stars are busy competing over the "Best," the "Most" and all the "-est" titles, let us take a short trip down on memory lane here at Not-So Recent Manila.

"Take it, take it." Well, I hope not to hear these lines mentioned anytime in the awards' night. They were made famous during the envelope switching moment in 1994's Metro Manila Film Festival Awards.

I wonder what happened to everyone who were involved.

Gabby Concepcion is now peacefully residing in the United States--while there are rumors that the top 2 stations are waging TF wars for his comeback. Former Miss Mauritius and representative to the Miss Universe Pageant held at Manila in 1993 Viveka Babajee has moved to India where she has become a top model. Ruffa Gutierrez is vying for a title of her own in her performance at Desperadas. And well, Lolit Solis is sweettalking Papa Piolo and Sam to take back their million-peso libel case against her... What's new?

It seems to me that the public has already forgiven them but you know, as the Awards' Night approaches, I hope that nobody lets any of them come near the envelopes.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sabado na, GIMIK na!

Kapag Sabado ng hapon, noong 90s, sa bahay lang ang gimik ng mga Pinoy teenagers. Ito ay dahil sa inaabangan nila ang kwento ng mga buhay ng kanilang favorite GIMIK characters.

Ang cast ay kinabibilangan nila:

Judy Ann Santos as Diane Villaroel
Rico Yan as Ricky Salveron
G Toengi as Gina de Leon
Diether Ocampo as Gary Ballesteros
Rica Peralejo as Jersey Salveron
Mylene Dizon as Melanie Suntay
Bojo Molina as Brian Lorenzo
LJ Moreno as Cathy Dominguez
Dominic Ochoa as Eric Abesamis
Laura James as Cindy Trinidad
Baron Geisler as Choy Ledesma
Kristine Hermosa as Tintin Fernandez
Kristopher Peralta as Toffee Sanchez
Paula Peralejo as Pauline Salveron
Patrick Garcia as Carlo de Leon
John Lloyd Cruz as Junie de Leon
Kaye Abad as Kakai Marquez
Carlos Agassi as Marco Trinidad
Cheska Garcia as Corrine Apostol
Jolina Magdangal as Ese Aragon
Marvin Agustin as Joey Fajardo

Answer to last entry's Mystery Star: Laura James

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Not-So Recent Mystery Star # 1

Naalala niyo pa ba kung sino ang showbiz kid na ito?

Ang susunod na post ay related sa kanya...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

90s' Closer You & I Close-Up Commercial

The song was sung by Gino Padilla.

Crush ng Bayan: Jonathan Brandis

Not-So Recent Manila's
It's time to look back and remember your pre-adolescent crushes!

Jonathan Brandis became a tad bit popular when he got the lead role in The Neverending Story in 1990. He was regularly seen as part of the Sea Quest cast, which Pinoy girls watched on Thursday evenings at RPN 9.

Jonathan became a lot of girls' favorite guy to appear in teeny bopper magazines like Bop, Teen Beat and Tiger Beat. He was also known as Brittany Murphy's real-life prom date.

He didn't make it big though. He usually starred in B-list movies and failed in his attempt to re-launch his showbiz career. This was thought to be the reason for him to commit suicide in 2003. He died at the age of 27.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now Showing: Forrest Gump

Movie released in 1994.

here to view awards and nominations.

Raid your video cabinets and prepare a bag of chips. Here's the trailer of the 1994 hit movie:

Poster photo from and video from

Featured Album: Ultraelectromagneticpop

Eraserheads' first publicly released album.
Released in July 1993.

5x Platinum: Sold 200,000+ copies
Ligaya - First song included in DWLS FM 97.1's Top 10
Pare Ko & Toyang - #1 song in various countdowns

1. Easy Ka Lang
2. Maling Akala
3. Pare Ko
4. Shake Yer Head
5. Ganjazz
6. Ligaya
7. Tindahan ni Aling Nena
8. Honky-Toinks Granny
9. Shirley
10. Walang Hiyang Pare Ko
11. Combo on the Run

Saturday, November 24, 2007

OPM Hit of the Week: Is She Thinking About Me?

Another one of those great Pinoy ballads from Jose Mari Chan.
Is She Thinking About Me features Christine Bersola in his 1994 album, Thank You Love.

Sign in to imeem to listen to the track.

Lyrics from Lyrics:OPM Pinoy Songs at

Is she thinking about me
Does she remember my name
Is she hoping I’d call
Do I matter at all
Or her feelings the same

Is he thinking about me
Does he remember my name
How I wish he would call
Do I matter at all
And will I ever be the same

Yet I know what she’s feeling
I can still feel the touch of her hand
I could swear this is just the beginning
Please let her be thinking of me

I’m the one of the many
How could I be the girl of his dreams
Was I caught by surprise
When I looked in his eyes, I saw me

20 Years of TV Patrol

As a child of the 90s, hearing Noli de Castro's voice from our television set (and from our carpenter/house boy/home caretaker's radio) meant that it was 6:00 PM. I knew then that it was time to put my toys back to the shelves coz in a while, dinner will be served.

Somehow, the trio composed of our dear Kabayan Noli, Ka Kiko Evanglista (RIP) andMel Tiangco, gave me the Ka-Pamilya feeling. Evenings were not complete without watching TV Patrol--even if I did not care much about the current events. (Interest was only aroused when it was my turn to be the news reporter for my HEKASI class.)

I waited for Angelique Lazo's showbiz news, again, not because I cared, but only because I thought she looked very pretty.

If there was something informational which I looked forward to in the show, it was Erni Baron's (also RIP) weather report (to know if there was a typhoon coming and hoping that if there was, classes will be suspended--sorry, I was young then. I did not know that typhoons are disastrous.) and his Q&A portions.

ABS-CBN will be showing a documentary TV Patrol: 20 Taon ng Pagpapatrol tonight (Nov 25, Sunday) after Pinoy Big Brother.

Photo source and more info:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Before and After: Rustan's Superstore

Before and After at Not-So Recent Manila:
Ever wondered how your favorite places, personalities and personal items looked like some years ago?
Before and After shows you the difference made by time.

Before: Rustan's Superstore

After: ACS Call Center
Photos taken from:
Before - Rediscover Cubao By Ellen Joy Anastacio August 2004 at
After - Lady in Red's personal album

Thursday, November 15, 2007

READY, GET SET, GAME: Ang Family Computer

Ready, Get Set, Game!

Everything about your favorite games in the 90s:
backyard games, video games, game shows, etc.

Naalala mo pa ba ito?

  • Ito ang isa sa mga pinaka-aabangan mo tuwing summer kasi saka mo lang ito pwedeng malaro. Usually, nakatago ito kapag pasukan.
  • Kung mahigit dalawa kayong magkakapatid, malamang nag-agawan na kayo sa joystick o naiinis ka pag salit-salitan kayo tapos magaling ang kalaban mo.

Photo taken from Wikimedia

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'd love to watch that with a bag of chips: ABANGAN ANG SUSUNOD NA KABANATA

Naalala nyo pa ba ang pamilyang Tengco na ating inaabangan tuwing Lunes ng gabi?

Ang Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata ay isang political satire na tinatampukan ni Cong. Tengco (Noel Trinidad), ang kanyang sosyal na maybahay na si Barbara Tengco (Tessie Tomas) at spoiled na isip batang unico hijo na si Dino (Anjo Yllana).

Ang cast ay kinabibilangan nila Roderick Paulate, Carmi Martin, Winnie Cordero, Nanette Inventor, Sammy Lagmay, Jennifer Sevilla, Joji Isla at Nova Villa.

Larawan mula sa ABS-CBN International
Ilang impormasyon galing sa IMDB

Friday, November 2, 2007

Sabado Nights

Here's the San Miguel TVC that launched Ina Raymundo to show business.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not-So Recent Movie: CLUELESS


In 1995, we saw high school girls Cher, Dionne and Tai (Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash and Brittany Murphy) strut their stuff in the hippest clothes, trendiest items (micro-tac phones and pagers) and coolest lingo.

Some unforgettable scenes:

1. Cher falls from the bed while attempting to seduce Christian.
2. "She could be a farmer in her clothes." Amber's nasty comment on Tai, the new girl.
3. "You're a virgin who can't drive." Tai's harsh remark to Cher.
4. "How many times have I told you not to call me woman?!?" Dionne to boyfriend Murray.
5. The water works behind Cher when she realized "Oh my God! I'm in love with Josh."
6. Cher's hi-tech wardrobe.

If you have forgotten these scenes, well, AS IF!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'd love to watch that with a bag of chips: BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD

Here are two fictitious guys from Highland, Texas who made midnights on MTV something to look forward to. Beavis and Butthead usually "while away time in sarcastic conversation, fantasizing about sex, and cynical, destructive behavior. They survive without serious consequences, and with a generally contented, though critical (not apathetic) worldview." (Wikipedia) But inspite of this, the dillholes gave us all gazillions of laughter.

However, the media watchdogs weren't so happy with Beavis and Butthead. A lot of critics have blamed deaths of children and juvenile delinquency to the said show. Most of these claims were not proven.

What we can't forget: Personally, it's the laugh and their nasty comments on music videos. Plus their run-ins with the other characters like Tom Anderson (elderly neighbor), principal and teacher arch-nemeses, David Van Driessen (their hippie teacher who liked them) and DARIA ("Diarrhea").
The show ran from 1993 to 1997.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Remembering the Ozone Disco Tragedy

The Ozone Disco in Manila was the scene of a fire that caused the death of 162 revelers on March 19, 1996. The burnt-out shell of the club still lies vacant and undisturbed -- except, apparently, for ghosts. Passers-by report strange noises and sightings. Investigators, grieving relatives and friends of the victims say they have seen apparitions. Some photographs appear to show floating, whitish figures.

In a bid to put the spirits at rest, Joseph Stephen Santos, who lost a cousin in the fire and heads the Justice for Ozone Victims movement, invited the questors to hold a seance on the site. Questor Josie Buenafe, a teacher at an exclusive boys' school, called up the spirit of Ed. He said that while the victims wanted to be remembered, they urged their loved ones to let them go. Ed said there were only 60 spirits left in the Ozone and asked the questors to return for another meeting on the first anniversary of the fire.

In March this year the questors were back. This time they tapped into the spirit of Joey, who told them the details of what had happened on the night of the fire. Thought to be the deejay, Joey explained that when disco-goers saw smoke bellowing from his booth, they assumed it was just part of the show. Joey grabbed an extinguisher and tried to douse the flames, but was finally overcome and engulfed in the fire. He said he could "find the light" and move on to the next world, but had stayed to help the other spirits who were having trouble leaving.

Today, the Ozone's old neighbors have gone. A once-flourishing design shop next-door now stands vacant. On the other side, separated from the Ozone plot by a wall, is the restaurant and club of a recently built hotel. Workers in a glass shop two doors down say they don't hear anything unusual, but no one works late. "We all go home at night," they say.

Perez says there are far fewer spirits in the remains of the Ozone Disco than there used to be. "But many still remain, mostly because they are concerned for the welfare of their loved ones, who are still grieving. Unless the living learn to let go, the spirits will stay in the disco and will not find peace."

Also view Ozone from Wikimapia:
* * *
Some hearsays.
  • According to some sources, this was the song being played when the fire at Ozone started. Click the link (not the button) to play the track:
    JaydeePlastic Dreams (Switch Remix)
  • An owner of a bar that was formerly in Eastwood told me that the owners of Basement are the same guys who own Ozone. Hmm... I kinda believe it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Before and After: SM City North EDSA

Before and After at Not-So Recent Manila:
Ever wondered how your favorite places, personalities and personal items looked like some years ago?
Before and After shows you the difference made by time.

When the mall was opened in 1985, SM City was the place to be. Imagine those from the South travelling all the way to North EDSA just to hang out at the mall! Thank God there are now Ayala Malls, Robinson's or SMs in almost every municipality. Shopping has never been more convenient.

Now, see the difference.

Before Pic taken from
After Pic taken from the SM Prime Holdings website.

Magandang Umaga Bayan Halloween Specials

Isa sa mga nami-miss ng mga 90s kids tuwing sasapit na naman ang undas ay ang MAGANDANG GABI BAYAN Halloween Special ni Kabayan Noli de Castro. Talagang one-of-a-kind ang boses ni Kabayan Noli at somehow, hahanap-hanapin mo ito.

Nagsimulang i-air ang MGB noong 1987 at kahit na pinalitan sya ni Katkat de Castro, ang kanyang unica hija, ay hindi pa din nito mapapantayan ang kanyang daddy in terms of anchoring the show. Sad to say, natapos nang i-air ng ABS-CBN ang MGB noong 2005.
At hindi ka ba kinikilibutan kapag nagpapaalam na si Noli with his scary make-up and cemetery backdrop?

Haay... Kaka-miss..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Andrew E.: Humanap Ka Ng Panget

Oh catchy, catchy tune in the early 90s.

Zig-a-Zig Ahh...the Spice Girls!

Are you:

Sporty, or

Well, well, well. If you are a child of the 90s, then you most likely know who I'm talking about. Yeba! It's the Spice Girls!

When these girls released their debut single "Wannabe" in 1996, they became an instant hit. In fact, they even beat many of the Beatles all-time high records.
Oh... Everybody just loved Geri Halliwell, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Emma Bunton. News about Geri leaving her group was the regal shocker of 1998. Geri was the soul of the group. Rumor says that Geri left because of her worsening relationship with Victoria and Mel C. But what's worse is that her departure did not give Spice Girls the same fame and attention that they used to get. Eventually, the group disbanded, making the Spice Girls phenomenon short-lived.

But it has just been re-lived. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Watch out for the upcoming Spice Girls World Tour. It starts at Vancouver on December 7 this year. Ayy... It was such a moment to see all 5 of them re-united. Aww...

Anyway, here are some of my favorite Spice Girls memories:
  2. Platform shoes worn by Geri, Emma and Mel C
  3. Scary Spice's animal print wardrobe
  4. Geri's Union Jack outfit (which set a Guinness World Record for being the most expensive piece of clothing auctioned)
  5. the Posh Walk
  6. people debating if Posh is gay or not (coz she looked like one in the "Who do you think you are" video
  7. Spice World (yeah, cute movie)
  8. Spice Girls merchandise
  9. grade school girls making a fuss about the 2 Become 1 lyrics (Be a little bit "safer" baby...)
  10. the Stop (right now thank you very much) dance move
  11. the Mama video with the girls' moms
  12. the tutubi video called Viva Forever
  13. the classic, black and white video of Too Much (i just loved Geri)

How about you guys, what's your favorite Spice Girl memory?

Photo taken from

Friday, October 19, 2007

Urban Legend # 1: The Robinson's Snake


In the 90s. How can anyone forget?
The basement of Robinson's Galleria, a then-upscale mall located along EDSA, Ortigas, was said to be the dwelling place of Robina Gokongwei's giant half-snake, half-man twin. Some versions of the rumor say that the snake suddenly appears at dressing room mirrors, which are actually gateways to the basement. Other versions say that these mirrors serve as trapdoors which open when "Robinson" is hungry, sending the unlucky victim down to a series of pipes and mazes to Robinson's chamber.
According to the rumor, this twin likes to feed unsuspecting beautiful women fitting clothes in the mall's dressing rooms. In fact, I remember watching Alice Dixon on the news claiming that she has just narrowly escaped the snake.
The partial truth?
Some say that the half-snake, half-man form of Robina's twin is an exaggeration of the actual condition of her twin. Robina has a twin daw who's deformed and this guy is the lucky charm which gave billions to the Gokongwei family.
The truth behind.
Could have inspired J.K. Rowling when she wrote Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. Haha! Well, I can't believe that people actually believed this rumor and that it even made its way to TV Patrol. Tsk, tsk.

About Not So Recent Manila

My affinity for the past has led me to websites and blogs that feature old places, dead conventions and revived fads. They never fail to capture my sentimental side.

Among the blogs that give me this kind of feeling is Nostalgia Manila. With a tagline of "for those who remember the way we were," it is a melting point of memories of the 60s to 80s with some from the decades before those that I mentioned. It is a very interesting site, with features on fads, music, movies, TVCs, TV series (which you can actually watch from the blog!) and basically everything else that, you know, is part of the good old days.

While it is true that the past depicted by Nostalgia Manila is interesting, somehow I feel that it wasn't something which I can fully connect with. For one to fully appreciate recent histories, they have to be re-lived. I don't blame NostalgiaManila for catering to an older audience but I blame myself and the other kids of my age for not coming up with something that has the same intention as NM but is targeted to a younger age group.

And so, to get rid of the blame, I am executing an attempt to bring the past to those who remember the way we were in the 90s and 2000s. NOT SO RECENT MANILA will be the melting pot of fads, events, places, dance steps and personalities that shaped our not so ancient past and not so recent present.