Saturday, January 5, 2008

Memory Checklist # 2

10. In your early 90s vocabulary, surfing was a water sport that was popular in the States and that only a few Pinoys get into. Later in the 90s, surfing became synonymous to browsing. You surf when you browse Internet sites and TV channels.
11. Among your childhood crushes is Atom Araullo of 5 & Up.
12. You were a Batibot kid.
13. If you're a bit younger then, you're probably more of an ATBP. (Awit Titik Bilang At Iba Pa) kid.
14. Your expressions include "as if!", "duh!" and "whatever" said with your thumbs and index fingers forming a big W.
15. Robert Jaworski was both coaching and playing for Ginebra at PBA. He was actually the most senior guy in the court.
16. You were cool if you hang out at Megamall to ice skate.
17. You were among the kids who got excited over watching the Royal London Circus.
18. You've heard of local classroom wars between the Hiphops and the Metals.
19. Meanwhile, you knew how to classify conos and jologs.
20. AMA was the butt of all school jokes then. (I personally believe that AMA is a fairly impressive educational institution but sad to say, some people can be so discriminating.)

If you can relate to at least 5 of the items here, then you know that you are
a certified Not-So Recent Kid.

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